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Len Gabbay is an excellent, compassionate and HONEST attorney. I was in a car accident in another state and was being asked by the other party to settle. Our insurance agent suggested that I first talk to Mr. Gabbay. I’m so happy I did. From the start he was honest with me and said it would be a difficult case. I’m glad he didn’t sugar-coat anything and promise me the moon. He explained everything in terms I would understand and told me what they would be doing. In the end, I did receive a very fair compensation from the other insurance company, who in the beginning did not want to pay anything, even though their client admitted being in the wrong. I would highly recommend Mr. Gabbay to anyone. (LK, client)

During a difficult time in our life my wife and I were very lucky to find Leonard Gabbay. Our first visit with Mr. Gabbay and his team surprised us right away. Mr. Gabbay was professional, to the point, extremely honest and on top of that he was very compassionate and truly cared about our situation. These are traits that most lawyers we have met just don’t have. Throughout the entire year long process Mr. Gabbay and his team were always on top of every detail and were always looking out for our best interest. Leonard Gabbay and team, thank you for making what could have been bad experience a truly pleasurable one. We were blessed to have met you and your staff. ( Mr. & Mrs. Persaud, clients)

Mr. Gabbay was recommended to me by a coworker, who spoke highly of Leonard. I still called other firms in the local area. Leonard was the only person who seemed to show genuine personal interest in my daughter. He did not seem to be interested in the money aspect of our case. He explained the steps to the legal process and was up front that the legal process would not happen overnight. The competence level of Mr. Gabbay and his firm did not become fully clear to me until we got to the litigation meeting. Our case was settled that same day. According to the court pay out system (the way the court deems what is a fair settlement) my daughter received many times the amount listed. My family was happily surprised at the financial amount that Leonard secured for us. The arbitrator and the Lawyers from the other side commented to me that Mr. Gabbay had done his legwork and was extremely thorough in his research. My family put all our faith in him and asked him do what was best for our family. Mr. Gabbay did not let us down.
I have also hired Leonard for other legal services not related to this case. I will continue to do so. If you are reading this and are trying to find a Lawyer, make no mistake, Leonard Gabbay is your man. In this day and age it is rare to find people who possess deep personal values and character. I will always be thankful for all the hard work Leonard, Denise, and his legal team did for our family.

On Oct 19th, 2011 I was hit by a car that ran a red light while cycling to work. The impact of the car shattered my right leg and left me unable to walk for 5 months. I talked to about a dozen attorneys but they all paled in comparison to Len Gabbay. Mr. Gabbay kept me updated on every step of my case and showed a genuine interest in my well-being and recovery during such a difficult time. He and his firm are sincere, compassionate, professional, honest, and diligent. They all worked ferociously hard on my case which I appreciated immensely. I honestly and confidently can say that I would happily call Len again if I needed his help in the future. Thank you Len! (Lacey, client)

Len did a great job helping me out when I got hit by a car riding my bicycle to work last year. After I got hit, I made a number of mistakes, like not taking down the driver’s insurance information and declining police assistance on the scene. Len worked with me to track down the driver, get a statement, and deal with the insurance company. He even drove with me out to the intersection where I was hit, in order to solidify the facts and make sure we had a strong case. All the while, he calmly and patiently answered every question I had. While I hope never to require his services again, I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who ever did. (Daniel, client)

Len was referred to me by a friend. I didn’t know him at all before meeting him and was very apprehensive toward attorneys in general. Len immediately put me at rest. He is very compassionate, ethical and handles himself with the utmost of integrity. He worked very hard on my case and was clear and up front with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is an extraordinary attorney!!!!! (Adel, client)

Leonard Gabbay is dedicated, persistent, compassionate, and above all, ethical. I highly recommend him; I say this as both a client and a colleague. (Deena, client)

Highly recommended from a very happy client Len Gabbay is an excellent attorney. I was struck by an SUV while riding my motorcycle. I had a very long recovery. I have never had any experience with this kind of thing. I wasn’t even sure I whether I needed an attorney. We consulted Len just to see if there was anything we needed to know. He walked us through all of the possibilities. He explained everything in terms that I could understand. He didn’t talk down to me and within the first five minutes I could tell that he had my best interests at heart. He didn’t promise us the moon or create unrealistic expectations. He really did a wonderful job for us. We had a great outcome and he worked with us every step of the way. He’s just a regular down to earth guy who really relates to his clients. He knows the law extremely well and he honestly wants to help people. I pray that I or my loved ones never go through anything like that again, but if we do then I’m going to call Len. If you need an accident attorney, call Len Gabbay. You will not regret it. JP, Client

Mr. Gabbay helped us when our 3 year old son was bitten by a dog. He was very familiar with the type of case and has good relationships with the insurance companies and other experts that were consulted in the case. Mr. Gabbay and his associates made the process very easy on us and we received a fair outcome to the case. He has built a good reputation in Austin for being an honest attorney which helps get cases resolved quickly and fairly. PC, Client

A tremendous attorney; both he and his team are amazing. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with Mr. Gabbay if you need his services. I can tell you that after working with Mr. Gabbay and his team I would go back to him anytime if I need his services, as well as I would highly recommend him to my friends and family if they need his services. They truly get the job done right and honestly take a personal interest in your health and well-being. I was involved in a motorcycle accident, the offending driver pulled out in front of me and started to make an illegal left turn; unfortunately, I was unable to avoid the vehicle so I struck it on the side. The next thing I knew was that I had spent 6 hours in the hospital with some nasty injuries and a ton of medical bills, as well as a long recovery time. I attempted to get in touch with the driver’s insurance company on multiple occasions, however they kept giving me the run around. So at that point my wife and I decided it was time to seek legal help. We consulted with a few attorneys, but they were all more interested in when I was going to be finished with my recovery, since they would not get a paid until then. There was also the hunger factor, where they just looked at you like a piece of meat (a pay-day) instead of a client or human being. My wife and I walked into Mr. Gabbay’s office and right away we felt more comfortable and welcomed than in our previous consults. After sitting down with Mr. Gabbay and talking for a few minutes you could genuinely tell that he had your best interest at heart. After the consultation my wife turned to me and said “Oh yes, this is definitely the right person for us,” and she has the uncanny knack for reading people. Throughout the entire recovery process, Mr. Gabbay’s team contacted me to check to see how I was doing, not just to check on my recovery, they really wanted to check to see if I was feeling better not just getting better. Once it was time for the actual legal battle Mr. Gabbay succeeded easily in getting what we wanted and deserved for the damage the other driver has caused to us. Even after the case has been settled his office still keeps in touch with us to check to see if we are doing well. I highly recommend him and his services. BK, Client

Outstanding. Every step of the way in resolving an accident I had on my bicycle was explained and handled with the utmost care. More than just a client, Len and his team always treat me like a friend – and I really appreciate that. Everything was fair, efficient, and simple. I know that I will be back if the need ever arises again. MB, Client

Mr. Gabbay and his amazing team (kudos to Tiffany in particular) are straight shooters, dedicated, professional and most of all decent people. They work hard and they know their profession well. They will fight a good clean fight and give it to you straight. I had a great experience and would recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer in his field. He delivered exactly what he said he would. A. (Client)

Mr. Gabbay helped me in a terrible situation where I was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Not only is he an excellent attorney, he is also very forthright with his clients. I needed his help with some legal matters and he put in 100% of his knowledge and ability toward getting a good outcome for me. He’s a good man and a great attorney. Highly recommended! JP Client

Len Gabbay is fantastic! He provides the utmost level of professionalism and class to every interaction. He has helped myself and my mother on a variety of topics on several occasions. He is highly intelligent, very respected in the community, trustworthy, and his team is always on top of things and quick to respond to any question. They even have a section on their website where you can e-mail them and they have such a fast turn-around time. He is a life-saver and my family couldn’t have survived without him and everything he’s helped us with. You’d be doing yourself an injustice not to work with him. He is the best and his team is top notch! CB, Client

Mr. Gabbay was straightforward, honest and represented the legal situation in a reasonable manner. He gave us reliable and accurate expectations, and explained the legal complications in easy-to-understand language. He and his staff were pleasant and easy to interact with. They stayed abreast of the case and helped us meet critical deadlines. I feel that we were able to achieve the fairest settlement possible under existing legal limitations.

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff

CBB1951 hired Leonard B. Gabbay in 2013.

I have found myself in need of Mr. Gabbay’s services on two different occasions now. The first time was for a terrible accident I was involved in. Mr. Gabbay explored every legal avenue and handled all the various bills and problems that arose masterfully. The second time I needed his help was because my daughter had been the victim of another terrible accident. He rose to the occasion again. He pursued all angles of the problem until he was sure that her medical needs would be satisfied and all compensation owed to her was realized. I cannot recommend Mr. Gabbay enough. He is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I have ever met. He is on your side all the way through the process and he is an expert in every area where it counts. His staff is on point through your entire case and they follow every issue to ground making sure that all details are meticulously addressed. If you find yourself in need of a good attorney, there are none better.

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff

jodel hired Leonard B. Gabbay in 2013.