Life After A Paralysis Accident

When a doctor says the word “paralysis,” everyone knows that the situation is serious. Paralysis means a lifetime of physical impairment and having to be retrained on how to accomplish the daily tasks you have been able to take for granted for years. These injuries have a damaging effect on injury victims and their families, making it crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney pursuing your rights.

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More Than Just a Physical Toll

Beyond the physical damage of this catastrophic injury, there is neurological damage associated with paralysis and spinal cord injuries as well. Without proper support from professional therapists and psychologists, issues like anger and depression can hurt relationships and even lead to the dissolution of marriages and the break-up of families. We will work with you to make sure your personal needs are tended to as well as your physical needs.

Get the Medical Care You Deserve

Whether you have become paraplegic or quadriplegic, most doctors assert that the first year of medical care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy is of paramount concern. We advocate for your interests, ensuring you receive proper medical care so that you can recover to the fullest extent possible

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