An Austin Attorney Fighting For The Rights Disfigurement Victims

Accident injuries that result in scarring can leave victims in pain — both physically and emotionally — long after they recover from the original injury. If you or a loved one have suffered scarring or disfigurement from a car crash, animal attack or burn injury, it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

At Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. in Austin, we pursue full compensation for the victims of scarring and disfigurement. We are sensitive to the needs of injury victims and their families and strive to hold negligent parties accountable for your present and future needs. For a free consultation with attorney Leonard Gabbay, call us today at 512-472-0404.

The Psychological Toll of Scarring and Disfigurement

The initial phase of recovery after an injury that results in scarring or disfigurement is very difficult both physically and emotionally as injury victims come to grips with a new reality. Looking in the mirror can be a traumatic experience as victims do not recognize the face looking back at them.

The recovery process in these catastrophic injury cases is long and expensive, involving many surgeries, physical therapy and counseling. We will fight to make sure that any settlement or verdict provides the compensation you need for care now and in the future.

We Love What We Do and We’re Good at It!

Texas lawyer Leonard B. Gabbay is committed to helping scarring and disfigurement injury victims and their families get the full compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to negligence, contact us today for a free consultation.