ATV and Dirt Bike Accident Lawyer
in Austin TX

The 20-year-old was enjoying a fun day on the dirt bike trails with a group of his friends. He had the right of way, but the car did not see him. He was hit and thrown from his dirt bike, sustaining broken bones in several places. His parents are now wondering how they will manage his expensive medical bills.

An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) accident can result in serious injury or death. If you or someone you care about has sustained a dirt bike injury or any other type of injury in a recreational vehicle accident, turn to Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. in Austin, Texas. These cases are much different than typical auto accident claims. We have extensive knowledge of ATV accidents, the negligent actions of drivers and the lack of consideration often shown to those who ride ATVs.

Have You Been Injured in An ATV and Dirt Bike Accident?

We represent people who have been injured in many types of ATV accidents. Whether you were trail riding, using an ATV for work on a farm, or using a scooter to run an errand and have sustained a catastrophic injury, you deserve to be represented by an experienced attorney. Leonard B. Gabbay passionately pursues compensation for people who have been injured on the following:

  • Dirt bikes
  • Four wheelers
  • Scooters
  • ATVs

An ATV accident can result in a catastrophic injury. In the most tragic of circumstances, an ATV accident can result in death. Our firm urges you to seek prompt medical treatment to address your injuries. And, if you require assistance with a wrongful death claim, we encourage you to seek help from our firm. We understand you may not be interested in the legal aspects of your loved one’s death and would rather focus on grieving. We understand this and take your legal concerns on with great care and compassion.

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