Hurt In An Assault Caused By Negligent Security?

The police had responded numerous times to complaints of people being harassed in the convenience store parking lot. The owner’s unwillingness to upgrade security finally resulted in a patron being accosted, beaten and robbed.

Commercial property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of their patrons and the public. Certain businesses have a heightened obligation to provide security measures, especially in high-traffic locations with an elevated level of criminal activity. Commercial property owners are never allowed to needlessly endanger the public.

If you or a family member was assaulted as a result of inadequate security, you may have a property owner negligence claim for physical injuries, economic losses and emotional trauma.

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The personal injury law firm of Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. handles premises liability suits in Travis County, Williamson County and Central Texas. We can explore your possible negligent security claims against the owners or property managers of a bar, nightclub, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, parking garage, surface lot, apartment building or other commercial property.

We have the experience and resources to investigate and demonstrate how the owners needlessly endanger the public or invitees by failing in their duty to provide basic protections or maintain the property:

  • Broken locks, windows, gates or fences
  • Disabled or useless surveillance cameras
  • Insufficient security personnel (guards, bouncers, patrols)
  • Inadequate lighting (stairwells, hallways, alleys, parking lots)
  • Failure to remove or banish troublemakers

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Our research often reveals that there has been a history of break-ins, muggings, rapes, shootings or similar incidents. If we can establish that the owner had knowledge of a security risk or a security breach and failed to take corrective measures, we will pursue damages for your suffering.

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