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Doctors are never allowed to needlessly endanger their patients. A well-run operating room has a check-down list and other protocols to prevent surgical mistakes. When the surgical team takes shortcuts, makes unverified assumptions or deviates from these safety measures, the results can be disastrous and irreversible.

The personal injury firm of Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. handles certain types of surgical malpractice lawsuits, including wrong site surgery, foreign retained objects and other unforgivable negligence resulting in lasting harm or death. We have the experience and the resources to hold surgeons and hospitals accountable for full and fair damages.

Was A Surgery Mistake/Surgery Complication Preventable?

Austin attorney Leonard Gabbay and his team take medical malpractice cases in Travis County and Williamson County, throughout Central Texas and statewide from Dallas to Houston. Contact us today to discuss what happened to you or your family member at the hands of a surgeon.

What Went Wrong in a Wrong Site Surgery?

Wrong site surgery (operating on the wrong body part) is not an urban legend. It is thankfully rare, but when it does happen, it is often a life-altering tragedy.

  • The most common error is a left/right mix-up. The doctor removes the good limb or good kidney instead of the diseased one, or causes irreparable harm by operating on a healthy foot, eye, organ, etc.
  • In other cases, the wrong operation is performed, the wrong part of the body is targeted, or the surgeon performs a procedure meant for a different patient.

In either scenario, the victim may have to endure the nightmare of more surgery to address the surgery that went wrong or perhaps to complete the originally intended procedure on the other side of the body. The profound emotional, psychological, physical and financial damage cannot be overstated.

Our investigation in a suit against the surgeon and/or the hospital centers on how such a tragedy could have happened. Was there a patient consult prior to anesthesia to discuss the operation? Was the patient’s skin marked in ink? Did anyone verify the surgery site against the patient chart? Did a different surgeon perform the procedure? We know what questions to ask and what to look for in the medical record.

Doctors Must Never Needlessly Endanger Their Patients

Doctors are never allowed to needlessly endanger their patients. We can review other surgery-related injuries or death to determine if there is a solid personal injury claim for malpractice:

  • A nicked artery, severed nerve or perforated bowel
  • Sponges, clamps and other surgical objects left inside the patient
  • Brain damage from anesthesia
  • Cardiac arrest, stroke or other trauma in post-op/recovery
  • Post-surgical staph infection
  • Temporary IVC filter left in to deteriorate
  • Failed procedure or worsened condition

Any of these outcomes may result in disability or death, but the tragedy alone does not constitute medical negligence. The key is whether the error or adverse outcome occurred because the doctors or nurses deviated from standard practices, and whether the medical professionals and administrators responded appropriately when an error or complications were discovered.

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