Construction Site Electrocution From Power Lines

Electrocution is an extremely serious and damaging injury. Not only can it cause severe burns, but it can also damage internal organs as well as lead to permanent nerve or brain damage. One type of accident that leads to electrocution injuries is power line accidents.

Often caused by construction equipment and machinery such as cranes and cherry pickers (man lifts, boom lifts, basket cranes, etc.),the results are catastrophic. When power lines come into contact with such machinery, they passes on their high electric voltage to the machine operating worker, causing serious electrical burns, blown off appendages, loss of limbs, maiming and permanent scarring. Unfortunately, in most cases, injuries are so severe they result in a wrongful death.

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Cherry Pickers, Elevated Work Platforms and Cranes Involved in Power Line Accidents

Cranes and cherry pickers are both very large pieces of machinery that often reach up into high places — high enough where high-voltage power lines are often hanging. When a part of the crane or cherry picker comes into contact with a power line, it can electrocute the operator or driver of the machine or even cause the power line to go down, further injuring other workers on the ground nearby.

Many times power lines injuries occur at construction sites because the general contractors, contractors or landowners did not have adequate safety plans accounting for these dangers or even failed to provide any sort of safety plan. Whether the accident is caused by a negligent operator due to inadequate training or the machinery malfunctioned due to a product defect, we can hold all negligent parties responsible on behalf of injured victims.

Other Causes of Construction Equipment and Power Line Accidents

The difficulty with power line cases is that there can be many attributing factors to how and why a power line came into contact with the construction equipment. We will be sure to go after all negligent parties in your case in order to seek compensation, including nonemployer third parties.

Causes of construction equipment-related power line injuries often include:

  • Improper maintenance/upkeep of power line
  • Improperly installed power line
  • Improper safety inspection of power line
  • Manufacturer or design defect
  • Collision/contact with construction equipment
  • Collision/contact with construction vehicles
  • Failure by power company to maintain or fix power line
  • Failure to provide safety measures by employers
  • Failure to provide adequate training/supervision by employers

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