Injuries Caused By Construction Equipment

A worker with limited forklift experience is so focused on the load perched high off the ground that he backs straight into a ditch, injuring himself and two people from another crew when the machine tips over and the load comes crashing down.

Construction equipment is dangerous enough. There is little room for error with so many people working in the vicinity. Yet construction workers are commonly injured or killed because of shortcuts, OSHA violations, disabled safety mechanisms, inadequate training and other human errors and negligence.

Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. represents injured construction workers in Austin and Travis County and surrounding counties of Central Texas. We will exhaust all possible claims against third parties for the economic and personal losses from serious accidents.

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Attorney Leonard Gabbay and his team have recovered serious personal injury and wrongful death damages for a wide range of construction accidents. We can represent you in construction injury cases including accidents involving equipment and machinery:

  • Crane accidents and other heavy equipment
  • Backhoes and skid loaders
  • Forklifts and scissor lifts
  • Pneumatic guns and power tools
  • Welding torches
  • Air compressors and propane tanks

Our job is to trace construction equipment accidents to the human factor: intentionally disabled safety guards, people not properly trained or certified to operate equipment, supervisors bypassing safety rules, employers pressuring sick workers to stay on the job and so on. We investigate claims against subcontractors, construction management companies and property owners, as well as product liability claims against manufacturers of defective or inherently dangerous equipment.

We represent injury victims or surviving family members in Travis County, Williamson County, Burnet County, Hays County, Bastrop County, and Caldwell County.

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