Taking Responsibility for Your Recovery: Simple Things A Personal Injury Client Can Do To Make Their Case a Winner

It was horrible. Someone ran a red light and T-boned you. You went to the hospital and got x-rayed. The emergency room physician gave you vicodin and an anti-inflammatory medication and told you to follow up with your family doctor if things get worse. The insurance carrier for the other driver is calling you non-stop (see “Evening the Playing Field“). Life is upside down.

Study finds brain injury leads to premature brain aging

A new study adds another symptom connected to TBI’s.

The list of long term effects connected to traumatic brain injuries continues to grow. Previous studies have linked traumatic brain injuries, or TBI’s, with behavioral changes, cognitive problems, emotional changes and an increased risk of developing degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The most recent study finds that TBI’s can trigger increased inflammation long after the initial injury, resulting in increased aging of the brain.