Helping Hematoma Victims Seek Compensation

When someone suffers a brain injury — such as a hematoma — in an accident, it is more than just a personal injury. It is a distressing blow to his or her entire family. Head trauma can result in extensive damage, including personality changes, limited cognitive functions and reduced motor skills.

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Subdural Hematoma

A subdural hematoma is a type of hematoma in which blood gathers near the skull, enveloping the brain. This condition is usually caused after severe head trauma suffered in an accident. If not addressed properly, pressure will continue to build and severely damage delicate brain tissue. The results of an untreated hematoma can be catastrophic, including the possibility of brain damage and death.

Because of the serious consequences of not treating a hematoma, it is important to receive a prompt diagnosis and treatment after being involved in an accident. Because a hematoma is an injury that does not always show on the surface, it cannot be stressed enough just how important prompt medical treatment is.

Developing a Life Care Plan That Preserves Dignity

At Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. we consult with life care and medical experts who help explain our injured client’s medical care needs and the associated costs for the future. We understand that one of the most important aspects of a life care plan is maintaining one’s dignity. If you or a loved one will require lifelong care as a result of hematoma effects, you can rely on us to look out for your interests.

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