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It didn’t seem like a crash that would cause catastrophic injuries. But our accident reconstruction expert and engineers examined the car and found that the passenger compartment had been easily compromised because of design flaws. That insight changed the whole case.

A car accident can be made even worse when the car’s design is unsafe or when the car has defective parts. Some accidents might never happen at all except for defective car parts or design defects.

One of our strengths at Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. is auto accident investigation. When investigating personal injury accidents from auto defects, such as tire blowouts, we sometimes find additional liabilities – defective design, manufacturing flaws or even inexpensive technology that should have been used by the auto manufacturer but was not.

  • Crashworthiness: Is the car crashworthy? In order to save a small amount of money on each car, a manufacturer may neglect small design changes that could keep the passenger compartment whole during a crash.
  • Window Glazing: Did the windshield blow out in the crash? Window glazing, an inexpensive technology, can keep a windshield or other car window from blowing out and can keep passengers from being ejected in a crash or rollover wreck.
  • Defective Safety Features: Did the seatbelt or air bag fail? A defective tire, seat belt, airbag malfunction or seatback failure can cause major personal injuries in a relatively minor collision.

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