Social Host Responsibility

In most cases, social hosts in Texas are not responsible for guests who drink too much at their home, even when there is a car accident that kills or injures someone. However, there are exceptions — one being when a host serves alcohol to minors or when a host takes someone’s car keys and returns them to an intoxicated guest.

At Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. in Austin, Texas, we represent the victims of drunk drivers. In seeking compensation for our clients, we will not stop at holding the drunk driver accountable. When allowed under Texas law, we will also go after social hosts and liquor establishments that serve alcohol to minors and intoxicated adults.

When are social hosts responsible?

It is not unusual for minors to consume alcoholic beverages at private homes. If a homeowner supplies alcohol to minors or allows minors to consume alcohol at their residence, they are liable for any injuries caused by the intoxicated minor. Damages in social host responsibility cases are usually paid by the host’s homeowners insurance.

While social hosts generally do not have responsibility for intoxicated adults, they would be liable in a personal injury lawsuit if they supplied car keys to an intoxicated adult who injured or killed someone in a drunk driving car accident.

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