Advocating For DWI Accident Victims And Families

The driver of the SUV had a few drinks and crashed into the car of a young wife and mother who was injured so catastrophically that she will never again be able to care for her child.

The decision to drink and get behind the wheel is inexcusable. At the Austin office of Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C. we successfully and aggressively pursue drunk drivers and hold them accountable. Attorney Leonard Gabbay offers compassion, commitment, and personal concern to clients recovering from a drunk driving accident in Texas.

Drunk driving accidents maim, break bones, cause catastrophic injury such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury, kill parents and children, and can put people in nursing homes for the rest of their lives. These DWI collisions are inexcusable, and we will fight for you and your family members .

  • Is the DWI victim receiving medical care? The first step is medical attention. Make sure the DWI accident victim has appropriate medical care immediately. When you contact our DWI victims’ law firm, we will monitor the victim’s medical condition and their road to recovery.
  • Have you contacted a DWI victim’s lawyer? You should hire an attorney known for effective handling of DWI accident cases. Insurance adjusters don’t want to pay the costs of a DWI accident. Our law firm has a reputation for helping clients injured by drunk drivers. We don’t like drunk drivers. We fight for your needs and for your rights.
  • Who is liable for your DWI injury or death of your loved one? We fully develop your case, analyzing police reports, eyewitness accounts, videos and photos. If a bar or restaurant over served the drunk driver, we will pursue a dram shop liability lawsuit to hold the restaurant or bar accountable.
  • Are medical bills or lost wages becoming a financial burden? We pursue full financial recovery on behalf of DWI victims and their families. In addition to reducing the financial strain ahead of you, compensation provides a sense of justice and closure.
  • Is one of the victims a child? Our firm is sensitive to the needs of families with injured children and aggressively pursues the compensation they deserve. We have extensive experience handling all types of child injuries and can help parents understand their rights and options.

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We represent you – not the insurance company. We love what we do, and we’re good at it.