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We were in trouble. Credit card bills had accumulated to an overwhelming, uncontrollable amount. We couldn't keep up with minimum payments and were told our credit card debt couldn't be discharged through bankruptcy under the new laws. Debt collectors kept harassing us until, eventually, we were contacted by a collection attorney. We were facing a lawsuit.

Advocating for Debtors' Rights - Stopping Creditor Harassment

At  LBG Law Firm in Austin, our attorneys are experienced helping clients just like you. We understand consumer debt can become overwhelming. No matter how much you are behind in credit card bills, creditor harassment is inexcusable. We provide consumer creditor protection services to hold deceptive creditors accountable for their forcible or unfair debt collection practices. Contact Us to consult with an experienced lawyer at our firm.

Defeat Creditors, Protect Your Interests

There are defensive as well as offensive measures that can be taken to defeat the company seeking a default judgment through a lawsuit against you. As experienced attorneys, we recognize the mistakes collection attorneys often make when filing these lawsuits. Often times, claims are unsubstantiated, exposing the attorney, the law firm, and the company to potential sanctions. Our attorneys are skilled calling attention to these issues as well as others.

In addition, there are a number of Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations as well as Texas Fair Debt Collection Act (TFDCA) violations, which constitute unfair debt collection, for which the creditor may be held liable, such as:

  • Failure to verify the debt on request
  • Threatening collection on a debt barred by time limitations
  • Filing suit on a debt barred by limitations
  • Other deceptive or unfair debt collection practices

Our skills have proven effective in representing many clients facing collection lawsuits. We have effectively resolved cases through a judge's summary judgment in our client's favor or in settlements which the company agrees to dismiss the case with prejudice.

We're on Your Side

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