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Injuries to the Shoulder Joint Can Be Serious and Lasting

Like many injuries, you don't realize how much you use your shoulder until it is incapacitated by an accident. You can't lift anything. The slightest bump causes shooting pain. You can't find a comfortable sleeping position. Routine tasks such as dressing yourself or driving a car become difficult or impossible.

Will you recover full strength and range of motion? Will you need surgery? What about your job, the medical bills, your damaged car? Will the pain ever stop? If you hurt your shoulder in an accident, it is critical to get prompt medical treatment to get the right diagnosis and treatment. It also important to talk to a personal injury lawyer to preserve your rights.

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Austin Shoulder Injury Lawyers

Injuries to shoulders are common in motorcycle and bicycle accidents when victims strike the other vehicle or the pavement. Shoulder injuries are also common in auto collisions when the victim's car is T-boned or occupants are thrown against the interior frame of the car. We also see shoulder injuries in construction accidents such as falls or scaffolding collapse.

Common shoulder injuries that result in lasting disability include:

  • Separated shoulder (AC joint injury)
  • Dislocated shoulder (out of socket)
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Torn labrum
  • Broken scapula (shoulder blade)
  • Broken clavicle (collarbone)

The shoulder is a complex mechanism and is often slow to heal or unable to heal completely, so it is critical that an orthopedic specialist identify the specific injury and guide the recovery. Can the injury be treated conservatively with a sling, rest and non-invasive therapy, or will it require surgery and lengthy rehab?

We work closely with clients and medical professionals to determine the extent of disability and the appropriate compensation for future medical bills, ongoing care, lost earnings, pain and suffering and any permanent damage. Trial lawyer Leonard Gabbay has used day-in-the-life settlement videos to illustrate both the physical limitations and the psychological impact of a disabling shoulder injury.

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