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The insurance company didn't understand. How bad could the injuries be? Our attorneys showed them a video about the accident and about the victim's life before and after the accident. The insurance adjuster said, "How can we help?"

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When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, when a loved one dies because of a drunk driver, a trucking accident, car accident, or motorcycle accident, the insurance company may see the victim as a case number. It is our job as your personal injury attorneys to make sure your loved one is seen as a person, not as a claim number on an insurance adjuster’s desk. We know how to present the effects on a family resulting from a fatal collision, a drunk driving accident, or any serious injury case.

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At Leonard B. Gabbay, P.C., we are known nationally for producing settlement videos that effectively highlight the consequences of personal injury accidents. The settlement video tells the story of an injury and the injured person. We interview a wide range of people familiar with the story — the police, EMS responders, firefighters, doctors, nurses, caregivers, family members, friends, teachers, coworkers, and the injured claimant.

Our settlement videos help resolve cases through mediation prior to going to trial. The results of our settlement videos have been astounding. They save our clients the stress of going to trial, they help insurance companies understand the strength of clients’ cases, and they result in settlement offers that bring much needed financial relief to our clients and their families.

Effective settlement videos add value to your case. There's no doubt about it. Personal injury lawyers from other law firms have sought our help in producing settlement videos for their clients.

The following testimonials show the impact of an effective settlement video.

"... the video was brilliant. It has become the centerpiece and theme for the entire case. For our mediation, I merely played the video. That was my entire presentation. Our mediator, a senior, experienced mediator with 30 years of litigation experience and who has done scores of my mediations and hundreds of others, told me it was the best, most effective video he had ever seen. Several defense lawyers have told me that it was an incredible presentation. I am convinced that but for the video we would never have been able to obtain a multiple seven figure number for one defendant in the case."

"In addition to the effectiveness of the video, all of the dozen or so people you interviewed for the video contacted me to praise you for your work and approach. You were able to get these grieving folks to discuss graphic and difficult details in their lives that only you could have done."

"Although difficult to pull off, the defendants walked away from your video understanding the loss suffered by our plaintiffs without angering them or making them more defensive. I have never seen a more effective, artistic approach."

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