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The impact of the train was no match for the young woman in her mid-size sedan. Her grieving family was left to wonder how such an accident ever occurred and how they could hold the railroad accountable for their negligence. The family turned to the LBG Law Firm, for legal help and found a caring, effective legal team ready to help.

Were you injured in a train accident? Was your loved one killed in a train accident? The LBG Law Firm has the skills and resources to fully investigate the train accident, the actions of the railroad, the actions of the train conductor, and any other element involved in the train accident. We seek fair and full compensation for injuries and death caused by train accidents.

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When a Train Accident Causes Injury or Death, We Can Help.

LBG Law Firm represents injured people and their affected family members throughout Austin. Many people in Austin choose to commute to work by train. If you have been injured by a commuter train, talk to attorney Leonard B. Gabbay. Len Gabbay has extensive knowledge of commuter trains, the laws train operators are required to follow and the ways in which commuters are unknowingly placed in harm's way. If you have sustained a commuter injury, talk to the law firm that knows how to get results.

Train accidents can result in serious, catastrophic injuries and death. If you need assistance with a wrongful death claim, our firm extends our help. We provide caring, compassionate and effective legal help at every stage of the claim. Len Gabby produces compelling, heartfelt settlement videos that have been highly important in helping family members obtain the compensation they deserve. We also produce settlement videos for people who have sustained serious injuries such as the following:

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