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After a car wreck, our client's shoulder was badly bruised. But three weeks later the pain was worse. The insurance company questioned whether it was an auto accident injury. By questioning the eye-witnesses early on, our law firm was able to document the injury and make a full recovery for the accident injuries.

Promoting Your Wellness and Healing

At LBG Law Firm, we urge accident victims to have their injuries checked by doctors and documented as soon as possible so that they can receive the appropriate and proper medical attention that they deserve. It is better to step on the safe side and have your injury checked out by a medical professional. There is no reason you should suffer pain for a lifetime. Get the medical attention that you deserve.

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Experienced Motor Vehicle Collision Representation

No one is allowed to needlessly endanger another. When safety rules are violated and the harms caused are not fully compensated, then, as a community, we all lose. Our attorney, Leonard Gabbay, has handled the legal aspects of car wrecks for hundreds and hundreds of clients since the very early 90's. We take a personal interest in helping our clients through this difficult time. Let us handle the other side and their insurance company and attorneys so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

Our Austin injury law firm is experienced at handling personal injury and wrongful death claims involving all types of motor vehicle wrecks, such as:

If you have suffered injury in a car accident:

  • Have you been to the hospital or seen a doctor? Get medical attention immediately. You need to know the extent of your injuries. The sooner your injuries are examined and treated, the sooner you can get your life back to normal.
  • Are you stressed out about the ramifications of the auto accident, or are you focusing on your recovery? Muscle tears, disc herniation, broken bones, and joint injuries may require rest, physical therapy or surgery. Catastrophic injuries, such as a spinal cord injury or brain injury require far more care − often lifetime care. Your health should be your focus. At LBG Law Firm, we can help you with the stress of the legal issues.
  • Are you confused about how to deal with the insurance companies? Insurance companies are not on your side. An insurance adjuster will look for any reason to downplay or minimize your injuries or they will try to spread the liability onto you. Let Austin auto accident lawyer Leonard Gabbay do the talking and negotiating. We have the experience, patience and determination to ensure your fair treatment and successful recovery.
  • Do you feel there is more to the story of your accident? Our law firm investigates. We talk to witnesses and to the police if necessary, and, when needed, we will do an extensive accident investigation to ensure your rights are protected. We analyze all angles of the accident and pursue all liable parties. When safety rules are violated Leonard Gabbay realizes that people are needlessly put into harm's way.
  • Can you describe the gravity of your accident? Whether we are working toward settlement or trial, we effectively illustrate the details of the car crash and the impact it has had on your life. We collect the proper elements of our clients' stories, including 911 tapes, photos, police reports and medical records. We also interview witnesses, including police officers and doctors. We are known for our effective settlement videos that depict our clients' stories.

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