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Did a Cell Phone User Cause Your Injury Crash?

The driver insisted he glanced down for "just a second" to dial a number on his cellphone. Yet he never even hit the brakes before slamming into the rear end of the other vehicle, sending both occupants to the hospital with severe injuries.

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Austin Attorneys for Cell Phone-Related Auto Accidents

Nearly one in four Texas auto crashes involves driver distraction, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Cell phone use is by far the most common distraction, from teenage drivers to commuters to soccer moms.

No one is ever allowed to needlessly endanger others. If you believe the driver who caused your crash was talking or texting on a cell phone, the law firm of LBG Law Firm, has the experience and resources to hold that driver accountable.

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TxDOT statistics attributed cell phone usage as a primary cause of 3,300 crashes in Texas in 2009, including 41 fatalities. Those numbers may not reflect thousands of other crashes in which drivers using cell phones were also speeding, tailgating, intoxicated or otherwise operating without regard for safety.

Cell phone use while driving is so dangerous because the distraction is visual (eyes off the road), manual (hands off the wheel) and cognitive (mind off the task of driving). The combination has created a huge problem:

  • Accidents waiting to happen — Drivers using any handheld devices are four times as likely to be involved in a crash that injures themselves or others, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
  • As bad as driving drunk — Talking on a cell phone while driving (handheld or hands-free) delays reaction time the same as a driver who is legally drunk, according to a study by the University of Utah.
  • Dangerous drivers everywhere — Drivers aged 16 to 20 have the highest rates of cellphone usage and distracted driving, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while drivers aged 30 to 39 have the highest rate of cell phone-related fatal crashes. At any given hour, the NHTSA estimates, 10 percent of the motoring public is texting or having a cell phone conversation while driving.

Texas Cell Phone Usage While Driving Laws

Talking on a cell phone while driving and even texting while driving are not illegal in the State of Texas, except in school zones or for teenagers in the first 12 months of licensure, or in cities like Austin that have enacted anti-texting ordinances. However, cell phone distraction still constitutes negligence for purposes of personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

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