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Construction Site Injuries Involving Platforms and Ladders

Just as the worker clips his safety harness to the frame, the boards beneath him give way. The apparatus collapses in on itself, and he can only hope to ride it out as he and a co-worker crash three stories. He awakens in the hospital with a fractured pelvis, a broken arm and MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).

Austin Scaffolding Accident Attorneys

Scaffolding is a necessary evil in construction work. The higher off the ground, the greater the risk of injury or death, but sometimes it is the only practical way to move materials and complete the job. This is where safety counts and where needless injuries often occur.

If tragedy struck in the form of a scaffolding accident and your loved one was injured or killed, the LBG Law Firm, can capably represent you in your personal injury or wrongful death claims to seek answers and to seek rightful damages.

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What Went Wrong? Ladder Accidents and Construction Scaffolding Collapse

Our experienced construction accident lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the negligence that led to a fall from scaffolding, scaffolding collapse, ladder collapse or similar construction site accident:

  • Was the scaffolding itself in working condition?
  • Was it assembled and braced incorrectly?
  • Were harnesses and safety gear provided? Were workers properly tied in?
  • Were there too many employees on the rig?

We have the resources to bring in experts to examine the scaffolding and ask the right questions, such as who assembled, moved or altered the apparatus. Our goal is full compensation for wrongful death or severe injuries, including medical bills, lost earning capacity, permanent disability, and pain and suffering.

Texas Construction Zone Injury Lawyers

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