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Bike Riders Injured by Cars in Central Texas

More than 45,000 Americans are injured or killed on bicycles each year in collisions involving cars or trucks. Despite concerted efforts to protect cyclists, the Austin community has seen bike accidents rise as more people take to the streets on two wheels. Many motorists simply do not look out for bicycles despite bicycles being everywhere. We stand by the notion that no one is ever allowed to needlessly endanger a bicyclist

Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyers

For both lifestyle and economic reasons, cycling has become increasingly popular in Central Texas. Austin is earning a reputation as a bike-friendly town, from designated bike lanes and bike trails throughout the city to the recent passage of the Vulnerable Road User Ordinance. San Marcos and other communities have enacted similar "safe passage" laws that encourage motorists to account for bicycles and give them a wide berth.

Even when bicyclists follow the rules, they are at the mercy of careless and distracted drivers. The LBG Law Firm, has represented adults and children who are bike crash victims in Travis County and surrounding communities.

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Our experienced personal injury lawyers thoroughly investigate the circumstances of a bicycle accident to prove to the insurance company or a jury how the motor vehicle driver was negligent. Austin's Vulnerable Road User Ordinance specifically addresses the common causes of bike accidents:

  • Drivers going in the same direction as a bicyclist shall move into the adjacent lane if there are two or more lanes.
  • Drivers of cars and light trucks must give a cyclist three feet of clearance. Commercial trucks must give the cyclist six feet.
  • Drivers turning left at an intersection must yield to bikes going the opposite direction.
  • Drivers overtaking a bicycle rider may not abruptly make a right turn in front of the rider.
  • Drivers may not use their vehicles to intimidate, harass or threaten cyclists.

Other causes of car-bike accidents include vehicles running stoplights or stop signs, encroaching on bike lanes and crosswalks, pulling into traffic or backing out of driveways, or preoccupation with cellphones, texting and other distractions.

Central Texas Bike Crash Attorneys

At LBG Law Firm, our accident lawyers in Austin, Texas, know that if drivers are looking for cyclists, walkers, or runners, they will see them. We also know that bicycle accidents often result in severe and permanent injuries, including head trauma, broken bones, and back and neck injuries.

We aggressively fight for the rights of bicycle riders to share the Texas roadways without fear for their life. We aggressively fight for full compensation for the physical, financial and emotional toll of getting hit by a car. Call 512-472-0404 or toll free at 877-472-0404 or contact us for a free initial consultation.

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