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Welcome. "Our goal is the client's successful navigation of what can often be their and their family's most difficult times. "

In his years of representing Texas children and families, Len Gabbay has created a law firm of experienced and committed professionals dedicated to the well being of their clients and to the successful resolution of their clients' cases. See testimonials below.

Client Testimonial:

"About three years ago I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my bike. I contacted one lawyer first and never heard back from him. When I contacted Mr. Gabbay, he called me back. He created a safe space and his staff is awesome. If he wasn't in, I could talk to someone else in the office and they knew about my case. It was a long process and I'm glad I chose to work with him and his staff. I also see Mr. Gabbay around town and he always remembers me. "

JP, 3 months ago

Rules must be followed if our community is to be safe. When Rules are violated, children, parents, individuals needlessly suffer harm. We are here to effectively and successfully communicate that harm and find redress for it. This results in a restoring of our clients' dignity – it is what our clients deserve.

As Mr. Gabbay puts it, "Ultimately, it is a jury that decides how far someone or some corporation can go in violating the safety rules in our community before they are forced to pay full and fair compensation for the harm that they did. We understand this. We are very effective in discussing this truth – first with the insurance adjusters – and if it falls on deaf ears, then we know that our jury will listen." And listen they do.

"To us, the client and the client's story is the key to success. We know our clients well and we know the harm they have suffered. We communicate this story very effectively."

Always Prepared

While the goal of every attorney should be to resolve a client's case without the aggravation and expense of trial, Len Gabbay knows that the only way a case will get resolved without the need of trial is to prepare the case for trial. Preparation is cutting edge at the LBG Law Firm.

Our Own Courtroom

Len Gabbay built a courtroom in his office building where Mr. Gabbay, his trial ready staff and other attorneys in the community focus group client's cases and use cutting edge courtroom technology to tell their clients' stories in mock trials. Being prepared is the basis of the success achieved by Mr. Gabbay and his firm.

Austin personal injury lawyer Leonard Gabbay focuses his efforts exclusively on helping victims of DWI accidents, trucking accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, train accidents and other accidents which cause serious personal injury and wrongful death. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

We recognize that insurance adjusters pretend to be your best friend in order to obtain the information that they want. Insurance companies should cover your medical bills, lost wages, future care needs, and pain and suffering. However, it is their sole purpose to trivialize your injuries or loss and deflect liability away from the insurance company if they can. Leonard Gabbay is an experienced and trained professional. He is experienced in fully depicting the accident, the extent of your injuries, and the impact it has had and will have on the rest of your life. Mr. Gabbay is nationally recognized for his effective use of settlement videos to obtain substantial settlements for his clients. Mr. Gabbay is often asked by other lawyers to teach his effective methods of presenting damage cases to them.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident resulting in personal injury or death, you can entrust your case to our firm. We do not accept every case. Rather, we selectively choose cases that meet our case criteria. Therefore, you can be certain that you will have our full, personal, dedicated attention throughout your case.

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