A Compassionate But Aggressive Austin Personal Injury Lawyer With Over 20 Years of Experience

When faced with what to do after you, your child or another loved one has been seriously injured or killed because of someone else's negligence or reckless actions, you need someone who will be compassionately by your side throughout every step of the legal process. You want someone who is committed to aggressively seeking justice and the compensation you need.

At LBG Law Firm, our founder,  Len Gabbay, is a personal injury attorney in Austin with over 20 years of experience providing this exact type of service and skill for victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries and families who have tragically lost loved ones because of the negligence of others. Our law firm truly understands how difficult this time is, how important it is to have a strong advocate on your side and why doing the right thing for our clients is the key to success.

A Firm Built on Helping You Heal and Holding Parties Responsible for Harm

Mr. Gabbay and our staff at LBG Law Firm are warriors in the pursuit of protecting you and your rights. Our firm is built on the commitment to relentlessly work towards achieving a fair outcome that restores your faith, dignity, health and financial footing.

Awards and verdicts are not the only measures of our success. What is more important to us is the feedback we receive from the people throughout Texas we have helped. At LBG Law Firm, we love what we do and have a passion for pursuing justice to make our community safer and the lives of our clients better. We measure our success by the gratefulness of our clients.

We invite you to read our testimonials and for a free initial consultation, contact us today at 512-472-0404 or toll free at 877-472-0404.

A Full Service and Innovative Texas Law Firm Committed to Working With You Through Every Step of the Legal Process

Len Gabbay has created a law firm of experienced, committed professionals and we are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and to the successful resolution of your case. Our law firm is a full-service resource for our clients. We can help you with any legal matter, in-house or by referral. We will help you with everything you need assistance with during your matter.

We also pride ourselves on utilizing all types of innovative courtroom techniques to present our clients' cases in an effective and compelling manner. We conduct extensive jury research and focus groups, and we even have our own mock courtroom to help us prepare thoroughly in case a trial is necessary.

This detailed approach enables us to always negotiate from a position of strength. We do not back down to insurance adjusters, opposing counsel or any other opponent when it comes to pursuing your cause.

We do not choose to take on just any case even though we handle all types of personal injury claims from car accident cases, including truck driver negligence, motorcycle wrecks, drunk driver collisions and distracted driving to day care negligence, nursing home abuse and even construction accidents. We focus our efforts and resources on the cases where we think we can make the biggest impact and help the most.

Choose the Right Dedicated and Detailed Serious Accident Lawyer in Texas

To discuss your legal needs during a free and informative consultation, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you maximize your recovery. Located on 600 West 12th Street, our firm is handicap accessible with free parking.

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